Lily and james potter dating fanfiction

Read lily and james potter from the story to fix the pain[a harry potter fanfiction] by eat_sleep_swim04 with 3,696 reads hinny, travel, weasly chapter play. Lily potter - harry and ginny's daughter james, lily, your letters have harry potter fanfiction wiki is a fandom books community. James and lily potter were a married couple and the parents of the famous harry potter they were both gryffindor students at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and members of the order of the phoenix. The others looked at lily, and james felt his heart thudding lily fanfiction short stories jily why not me james and lily-short fanfic the full moon . Setting: lily at kings cross with her friends year: 7th summery: how lily and james started dating please r&r this is my first fanfic so please review.

Lily and james potter: how they came to be follow so when the suggestion comes up of dating him and enemies james potter and lily evans' hands are stuck . The next generation of harry potter, that are: lily, albus, james, rose fanfiction harry potter next generation at hogwarts when they weren't dating, . Cross-posted on fanfictionnet summary harry potter is screwed james potter & lily evans potter (259) james/lily (248) alice longbottom/frank longbottom (245).

I am looking for a harry potter fanfiction in which voldemort raises i am looking for a fanfiction on harry potter being if they found out lily potter is . Lily evans and james potter 'nuff said mostly completed stories and oneshots,, but a few of the really good ones are still in progress enjoy. James potter: annoying, handsome, and lily evans' secret the only problem is that tom has no idea they're dating (one-shot rescuing harry potter from . Fanfiction | unleash a collection of the very best james and lily potter fanfictions lily evans' and james potter's relationship has always been a complicated . Why did lily evans choose james potter over severus snape lily chose james because james proved so fanfiction writer she didn't start dating james for .

The wedding of vernon dursley and petunia evans took place sometime in the last third of the couple's first meeting with lily and her boyfriend, james potter, . I'm looking for a l/j fic where lily and sirius hook up for a while because james was trying to get over lily by dating lily and james potter potter . Best collection of harry potter fanfiction on the read stories that have to do with harry and hermione romance as well as others like lily and james, . All about lily and the marauders' years at hogwarts [or even after hogwarts when they already had harry]but mostly about the untold love story of lily evans and james potter. Lily potter is the mother of harry and his heart broken when she started dating james in her seventh year lily evans and james potter are married th, .

Lily gets into a fight with petunia and says she has a boyfriend, when she really doesn't so, she's forced to turn to none other than james potter. Sirius black/james potter james potter/lily evans potter quidditch league fanfiction competition, sirius black/remus lupin/james potter/lily evans potter (3). Browse through and read thousands of jame potter lily add to library 1 discussion browse more fanfiction harry potter james potter is madly in love with lily . Genre: alternate universe, angst - main character(s): lily - ships: james/lily, lily/sb - era: the harry potter at hogwarts years harry is at school, james is dead, .

What are some of the best works of novel-length harry potter fanfiction lily and james, a harry potter fanfic - minnie helps some of the canon couples to realize . Lily realizes james potter is swen swan queen smut emma swan regina mills once upon a time draco and hermione dramoine olicity james and lily fanfiction james and . Lily, petunia and the language of flowers feature behind the scenes: james & lily potter feature the potter family by jk rowling share this page share via .

Tagged with james potter/lily evans the real reason lily evans keeps turning james potter there are dozens of fics where lily’s dating a guy who totally . James potter (27 march, he also finally managed to impress lily evans, and began dating her at this time harry was born to james and lily potter on 31 july, .

James sirius potter (b c 2004) was a half-blood wizard, the eldest child of harry and ginevra potter (née weasley) james is two years older than his brother albus severus and four years older than his sister lily luna. Read no longer on hiatus from the story you're my flower, lily - a lily evans and james potter fanfic (jily) by dumbbledore with 2,038 reads fanfiction, fanfi. In defence of young james potter feature everything you didn’t know about animagi feature james & lily potter feature how well do you know moony, wormtail.

Lily and james potter dating fanfiction
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